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  • date: 2012
  • location: DABROWA GORNICZA (PL)
  • area: 90
  • photo: Katarzyna Widawska

Presented interior is in the polish modernist 'cubehouse' of the 70's. The house was built for two families and has two independent apartments - one of them, on the top floor belongs to the young couple of Investors which decide to create their own living space. A simple and ascetic solid home is reflected in a clear and cost-effective interior, where the predominant color is white. This color enlarges and brightens the space giving it a lightness and also promotes relaxation and ordering. The interior of the house was inspired by the character of the Scandinavian style, and so, beside the white,we can find here many shades of gray, black and more color accents that appear in the additions. The floor in a natural, light-colored wood warms the space and fits in perfectly with gray tiles. The lounge has a large white-gray corner sofa in the center of the room, a large, practical coffee table, horizontal racks and shelves on legs � under them are mobile racks for magazines made of white boards on wheels. One of the cabinets - white irregular bookcase with books and records was made by the investor himself:) On the wall hang decorations in the form of white masks that are a souvenir of the trip (attached to a canvas painted in gray). Floor lamp dating from the 80's, has been painted white. Its lampshade is only a structure without any fabric, and because of this it create very industrial character which curiously blends in with the stylized, white body of the lamp. Between the kitchen and the dining room was once the wall separating the rooms, however, the wall was abolished in order to obtain a single, open space. The walls in the kitchen were painted red, and finished with red tiles in some part - it is the only color accent in this space. The minimalist nature of the interior was break with the old cabinet, which was renewed by the owners - painted in white and now it functions as full kitchen drawers. Gray-white color scheme in the bathroom, which referring to the rest of the apartment, was broken by the minimal use of color accent - a red stripe of mosaics, running around the bathroom. Mirror located on the entire width of the wall optically doubles the size of the bathroom, which thanks to it, acquires a very different proportions. An interesting and innovative touches in the interior of the bathroom are black and white images in the black frame with white passe-partout. The minimalist nature of the interior renovated by the owners breaks the furniture 'with soul' from the 60s and 70s, ie, club chair, swivel armchair, floor lamp, old renewed cabinet or desk drawers arising from the Singer shoemakers sewing machine from the late nineteenth century .The combination of a monochromatic color scheme with simple forms and a few accents 'from another time' in which Investors put new life � create the space of the house which become a unique and with timeless character.

I nagroda | 2013